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2 Can Cooler Stack

2 Can Cooler Stack

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Keep two 12oz. beverages cold, no ice needed.

Why bring one warm can of your favorite beverage along when you can bring two cold ones without lugging around a heavy cooler and ice?

Durable and insulated, the 2 Can Cooler Stack will keep your tasty beverages cold for hours. Go ahead, share a cold one with your hiking buddy. Why? Because now you can.

Technical Specs

Weight: 13.4 oz
Material: Stainless Steel
Major Dimension: 2 standard 12 oz. cans
Includes: double can cooler, lid
Dimensions: 3.1 in x 10.8 in x 3.1 in


• Removable, easy grip handle for manual carry or squeezing into a pack.
• Sleek, compact no-ice cooler design.
• 18 hours of cold.

The Cooler Stack is designed for activities like backpacking, in which it's impractical or impossible to lug around a larger cooler full of melting ice. It's also perfect for carrying a pair of cold beers around the golf or frisbee golf course.

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