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Bending Branches

Bending Branches Angler Classic Versa-Lok™ Kayak Paddle

Bending Branches Angler Classic Versa-Lok™ Kayak Paddle

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Technical Specs

• Shaft Material: Fiberglass
• Blade Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
• Blade Size: 7.5” x 18” (102.5 sq. in.) (661 sq. cm)
• Weight: 35.5 oz. (1,006 g)
• Ferrule Angles: Infinite

More Info

• Fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades are designed for forgiveness and just the right amount of flex, keeping the kayak moving efficiently even with extra gear slowing you down.
• 102.5 sq. inch blade it the ideal size for horsepower and control with the heavily loaded fishing kayaks, but not overly fatiguing, heavy, or flexible.
• 100% fiberglass shaft is durable and strong, yet lighter than commodity aluminum, so it will hold up in the most uncertain of conditions while not draining all your energy. • • Fiberglass is also valued for being warm, plus flexible and forgiving when compared to aluminum.
• The shaft is ovalized where the hands go for more comfort and control, and to limit the chances for blisters.
• Versa-Lok™ offers 15cm of additional length and infinite feathering options, and does so with an easy to use and understand system that is secure (no disengagement), robust (will hold form for a very long time), and resistant to corrosion (nylon plastic and stainless steel parts).
• Versa-Lok™ offers longer sizes than the previous generation of paddles, making it ideal for wider or bigger kayaks and the high seat position.
• The Versa-Lok™ clamping system is backed by structural and cyclical testing, plus a decade of on-water use.
• New carbon ferrule insert is light, tight, and right for the long haul. This is a sizable upgrade over plastic or glass ferrule inserts.
• Available in two vibrant colors: Tidal Blue for the discrete approach and Electric Green for safety and standing out.
• Built-in hook retrieval system for retrieving a snagged lure
• 40-inch tape measure on shaft is a sizing guide, allowing you to verify catches on the spot
• Proudly hand built in Osceola, Wisconsin, USA, by a team of paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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