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Bonafide RVR119 - Steel

Bonafide RVR119 - Steel

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Hull-Ability Was Mission Critical For The Bonafide RVR119 Kayak. 

This kayak has a blend of maneuverability with fishing stability, confidence, and tracking, so Bonafide developed the unique Bonafide river hull with a drop skeg system - when the skeg is deployed, the RVR can track straight across flat water and with the skeg retracted the RVR is the definitive river fishing kayak. The skeg also offers the added benefit of giving you the ability to control your drift in current or wind better. In moving water conditions, paddlers will immediately notice how responsive and maneuverable the RVR can be going up and down the river. The RVR has a distinct kick rocker shape in the bow for quiet and efficient up river attainments which is one of the most important stealth methods for finding fish.

Fish are typically facing up river looking for their next meal. Use the unique hull of the RVR to make those quiet upstream attainments that put you on more fish. The stern is also upturned a bit like a drift boat for turning and pushing up and over waves. One of our favorite features is a flat area about a third of the way down the hull that provides the ability to paddle up onto rocks, slightly submerged trees, or shoals. This allows you to rest or wedge your kayak to get in some casts.

For Mobility/Transport, The Bonafide RVR119 Kayak Is Built With Several Features For Moving On And Off The Water. 

To start, the boat size is at 11 9" which we feel is an optimal mix of mobility, weight, gear capacity, and agility, which makes it a great performer for a wide range of waters. In river fishing, mobility and transport are extremely important. Whether you are portaging between rapids, dragging over shoals, having to drag or wheel your kayak to an access point through the woods, the RVR has you covered. At the bow, there are three grab points: The Fat Grip handle, Bow Strap and right at the nose of the boat hull there are molded in undercling grip areas. In addition, a drag strap can be attached to the Fat Grip handle. At the midship, there are three more grab points: one handle on each side of the RVR plus a handle directly behind the seat. The handle behind the seat is really nice for sliding the kayak into the back of a pickup, on a trailer or up a riverside embankment.

At the stern there is an additional Fat Grip handle built in flush with the shape of the RVR. We didn’t stop there when it comes to mobility. We added dual replaceable skid plates on the hull to allow the kayak to be more balanced in dragging (i.e. keeps your gear from falling out of the kayak AND makes it more efficient). These skid plates protect the hull and can be replaced overtime as they wear down. We also made sure the RVR was built to accept the Bonafide Sidekick Wheel system.

Fishability. At Bonafide, They Are Committed To Fishability And We Used The Rvr Platform To Target The Most Difficult Issues With Fishing In Moving Waters And Remote Environments. 

The RVR is absolutely LOADED with features that aim to give you a distinct fishing advantage on the water. Let’s start with the ability to add fully integrated dual Anchor Wizards. The Anchor Wizard system allows you to quickly drop the anchor and retract the anchor. The RVR has two internally run tubing ports that keep your anchor lines in the hull of the kayak to prevent snags. The bow had an integrated roller for making the anchor quiet and easy to deploy and retract. On the stern there is a dedicated area for a drag chain to rest or an additional anchor ball to hang. Having dual anchoring options allows you to face up or down stream in current. The RVR Anchor Wizard Single and Double kit are available for purchase.

Technical Specs

Length: 11’ 9” / 358.1 CM
Width: 35” / 88.9 CM
Weight: 85 LBS
Capacity: 425 LBS / 192.77 KG


• RVR Seat with trim adjustment
• Quiet anchor bow retraction and stern drag chain channels
• Integrated Anchor Wizard pulley landings
• Integrated Torqeedo throttle landing
• Rudder capable footbrace landings (for motorizing)
• Fully removable SS Pod system for sonar or storage
• Full rod tip and rod butt organization for on water and for safe transport
• Bullwinkle Rod tip catch/organizer
• Ketch board storage position
• Ketch board safe spot measuring position
• Multiple grab handle carrying positions
• Multiple flush mount positions
• Blackpack capable 16x16 and 16x13
• Da Bomb and Tightline capable
• Garmin, Lowrance, Humminbird, Raymarine

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